ALMA Newsletter - January 2019

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Welcome to our first newsletter of 2019. We are excited to open a new year of ALMA's IHL activity. After a very eventful 2018, we are looking forward to continue contributing to the discussion of IHL this year as well.This will also be the year in which we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the signing of the 1949 Geneva Conventions.

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Ido Rosenzweig 
ALMA Chairman

IHL Events in Israel

International Law Forum: Codifying the Laws of War to Uphold Empire 1856-1874. The meeting will be held by the The International Law Forum, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, on 15 January  2019.

Calls for Papers and Opportunities

1) Call for Nominations: "2019 Francis Lieber Prize – Asia Pacific Centre for Military Law": The American Society of International Law’s Lieber Society on the Law of Armed Conflict awards the Francis Lieber Prize to the authors of publications that the judges consider to be outstanding in the field of law and armed conflict.
Deadline for submissions is by 10 January 2019.

2) Fellowship: The Georgetown Center on National Security and the Law hosts a two-year National Security Law Fellowship designed for a highly-qualified law school graduate specializing in national security law who intends to pursue an academic career. The Fellowship application is now open. Deadline for application is by 11 January 2019, for the two year fellowship that will begin in September 2019.

3) Invitation – 2019 Model International Criminal Court (MICC) University
The next edition of MICC will take place from 1st to 6th April, 2019 in the Conference Centre in Krzyżowa, Poland, that served as the meeting place of the Kreisau Circle, a group known for its resistance against the Nazi regime, during World War II. During the simulation of the International Criminal Court, university students can experience the ICC process, and learn from the most relevant experts in the field. Deadline for application is by 20 January 2019.

4) Historical perspectives on medical care in armed conflict, ICRC Law & Policy: The ICRC is interested in a multidisciplinary approach to this issue; submissions from academics or policy researchers with expertise in law, history, military strategy, social science or other relevant fields are welcome. Authors are invited to send short research proposals (about 2 pages) to the Washington Delegation of the ICRC at for review and feedback at any time. Completed policy papers should be submitted by31 April 2019. 

IHL Articles & Media

2) Helen Durham,Strengthening compliance with IHL: Disappointment and hope (ICRC blog).

3) Chris Jenks and Rain Liivoja, Machine autonomy and the constant care obligation (ICRC blog). 

4) Emanuela-Chiara Gillard, Proportionality in the Conduct of Hostilities: The Incidental Harm Side of the Assessment (Chatham House).

5) Ido Rosenzweig, The Genocide Convention: 70 Year Old and Relevant (The Times of Israel). 

6) Jessica Purkiss and Abigail Fielding-Smith, Uptick in U.S. Air Strikes on Buildings in Afghanistan Raises Questions (Just Security). 

7) James Kraska, The Kerch Strait Incident: Law of the Sea or Law of Naval Warfare? (EJIL:Talk).

8) Laurent Saugy and Tilman Rodenhäuser, 5 Operational Realities of Detention in Contemporary Armed Conflict (ICRC blog). 

9) Sephora Sultana and Hitoshi Nasu, Invisible Soldiers: The Perfidy Implications of Invisibility Technology in Battlefields of the Future(Exeter Centre for International Law).

10) Prof. Noam Lubell, Cyberwar, What is it Cyber good For? podcast (Lex Cybernetica Podcast).

Upcoming IHL Events

1) London Launch: Protecting Civilians — When is ‘Incidental Harm’ Excessive?This meeting marks the London launch of a Chatham House research paper on the incidental harm side of the proportionality assessment which belligerents are legally required to make. The panel at the meeting will consider the types of harm that fall within the scope of proportionality assessments, what constitutes ‘excessive’ harm and measures that belligerents can take to give effect to the rule on proportionality. Chatham House, London UK, 14 January 2019.

Ten Conflicts to Watch in 2019: Considering a year of state-led military operations, multi-party civil wars, humanitarian emergencies and state instability due to economic and constitutional collapse, Robert Malley and Patricia Lewis will examine the International Crisis Group’s Ten Conflicts to Watch in 2019.Chatham House, London UK, 17 January 2019.

Humanity in War: An International Humanitarian Law Primer for Professionals: A day-long course of comprehensive and engaging introduction to International Humanitarian Law (IHL), and is appropriate for professionals workingin the international, humanitarian or legal spheres. American Red Cross, International Humanitarian Law Team, Washington DC, United States 17 January 2019 and American Red Cross, New York, United States,19 January 2019

4) Short Course: The Interplay Between International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights: Thecourse focuses on specific issues that arise in times of armed conflict regarding the respect, protection and fulfillment of human rights. It addresses key issues like the applicability of human rights in times of armed conflict; the possibilities of restricting human rights under systems of limitations and derogations; and the extraterritorial application of human rights law. Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human RightsSwitzerland25 January - 22 February 2019. 

5) Bangkok 2019 Core Professional Training on Humanitarian Law and Policy: This course is an opportunity for experienced humanitarian practitioners, policymakers, and others operating in or dealing with conflict settings to deepen their understanding of international humanitarian law (IHL) and other legal frameworks applicable in times of war, and to explore related policy and operational challenges. Bangkok, Thailand 21-23 January 2019.

6) Bangkok 2019 Thematic Workshop on Fact-finding, Monitoring and Reporting in Armed Conflict: This course follows directly the Bangkok 2019 Core Professional Training on Humanitarian Law and Policy. The workshop is designed to enhance the capacity of humanitarian practitioners to conduct or contribute to monitoring, reporting, and fact-finding activities on allegations of violations of international law during armed conflict. Bangkok, Thailand 24-25 January 2019.

7) The Alseran Case One Year On: International Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law and Future Military OperationsBonavero Institute of Human Rights and Leigh Day Solicitors are holding a seminar to discuss the implications of recent case law on British military detention in Iraq. Oxford, United Kingdom, 25 January 2019.

Workshop: Honour and Admiration After War and Conflict: We honour and admire politicians and combatants for their conduct before and during war and conflict. But when is such admiration appropriate? The Stockholm Centre for the Ethics of War and Peace, Sweden 31 January 2019. 

For information about more IHL events from all over the world, please visit ourUpcoming IHL Events webpage

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