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Blog NameDescription
American Society of International Law American Society of International Law Written by the ASIL, it links to many different sites such as the ASIL forums, International law in brief, ASIL Unbound, and ASIL Cables 
Armed Groups and International Law Armed Groups and International Law A blog that works to formulate discussion for the purpose of knowledge sharing for those who do work related to armed groups 
Beyond the Hague Beyond the Hague A collection of articles pertaining to criminal law, all of the articles are written by ex-employees of the Hague 
Blog of European Journal of International Law  Blog of European Journal of International Law The blog that is connected to the European Journal of International Law 
British Red Cross Blog British Red Cross Blog The Blog for the British Red Cross, it covers areas of humanitarian work across the world 
Diane Marie Amann's Blog Diane Marie Amann's Blog A blog covering many topics written by Diane Amann, the Emily and Ernest Woodruff Chair of International Law at the University of Georgia 
Enough Project Enough Project A blog that details the fight against Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide 
European Convention on Human Rights European Convention on Human Rights A blog that tracks issues pertaining to the European Convention on Human Rights 
Humanity in the Midst of War Humanity in the Midst of War A blog that aims to pass on understanding of international Humanitarian Law and its applicability around the world 
Intercross Blog Intercross Blog A blog that focuses on the plight of children, women and men affected by armed conflict and violence, humanitarian action. the ICRC and international humanitarian law 
International Law Girls International Law Girls A collection of subjects written by women professionals in the field of international law 
Just Security Just Security A blog that focuses on the U.S. and national security issues and policies 
Lawfareblog.com Lawfareblog.com A blog dedicated to actions taken or contemplated to protect the nation interact with the nation’s laws and legal institutions. 
Opinio Juris Opinio Juris A blog with regular updates that covers many areas of international law 
The International Criminal Law Bureau The International Criminal Law Bureau A website that documents current issues for international criminal law, written by people who used to work in major tribunals such as the ICTY and ICTR 
UN Dispatch  UN Dispatch  A website that follows different issues that the UN is covering 
U.S. Library of Congress Blawgs Archive U.S. Library of Congress Blawgs Archive A collection of Blogs organized by the Library of Congress, it has links to many different sections of law 
Showing 17 items