ICC Competition for Students - National Round

ALMA is proud to be the official organizer of the ALMA National Round in Cooperation with the international organizers in The Hague.

Israeli team of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem at ICC Moot Court Final, reached 2nd place, Hague 2014 
(taken from the official ICC Moot Court website: http://iccmoot.com)


As of 2013 the International Criminal Court Moot Court Competition (ICC Moot Court Competition) is organized by the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies, of Leiden University for the official website see here. The English Competition was formerly organized from its launch in 2007 by the International Criminal Law Network (ICLN) in cooperation with Pace University and the ICC.  

What is the ICC Moot Court Competition

ICC Moot Court is a student competition with the objective of promoting expertise in international criminal law, while exposing students from around the world to practitioners in the field and to The Hague and the ICC itself. The Finals are held in The Hague every year in the Spring (usually April or May)

"…The Competition consists of an extensive six-day educational and social program, which brings together students of diverse backgrounds and cultures to The Hague to challenge their skills as future international lawyers. The final round is expected to take place in an actual ICC courtroom with ICC judges adjudicating.

The establishment of the world’s first International Criminal Court provided a fantastic opportunity to further support the rule of international law and the fight against impunity by garnering a youth-led interest. The Competition involves collaboration with judges from international courts and tribunals, professors of international (criminal) law, and other legal professionals. This network makes the ICC Moot Court Competition a realistic simulation of ICC proceedings. The Competition’s case addresses fundamental issues of substantive and procedural international criminal law…"  
(official ICC Moot Court web-page, emphasis added).

The ALMA National Round- ICC Moot Court Competition

Every year, only one team from any country will be allowed to participate in The Hague competition week. Therefore, if there is more than one team signed up from a recognized academic institution in Israel, a National Round organized by ALMA, will be held. (Only if more than 6 teams sign up from Israel will 2 teams be allowed to participate in The Hague). The ALMA National Round will be judged by leading practitioners in the field. The Competition will be held in English.

The ALMA National Round allows all participants to compete for the first place, while providing a further opportunity to master their skills in view of the Finals in The Hague. The winning team will be able to participate in The Hague competition week and will receive a travelling grant, courtesy of the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Participation in the National Round is in itself an enriching experience and exposes students to the field and to the practitioners!

Between 2012 - 2014, The Law Faculty of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem was the only Israeli team participating in the Competition. They have reached impressive results reaching 5th place in 2013 Finals and 2nd place in 2014 Finals!

ALMA-ICC Moot Court Competition 

ALMA would like to encourage more Law Faculties and Schools in Israel to join the Competition and participate in this winning experience! To do so: 

  1. MFA Grant - ALMA engaged with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), who has offered their generous support with the MFA Hague travelling grant - The winning team at the Israeli National Round will receive a travel grant from the Israeli MFA. The grant will cover the flight tickets of the winning Israeli team, enabling up to 7 team members (6 students and a coach) to join the Hague international competition and Finals. 

    The grant is graciously provided with the aim of promoting knowledge of international criminal law among Israeli students and promoting Israeli students in the world of international criminal courts. Only the winning team at the National Israeli Round will receive an MFA travel grant.

  2. ICL Seminars - ALMA also organizes seminars on international criminal law (ICL) and international humanitarian law, the ICC - substantive and procedural law, available to all participating teams free of charge, in order to provide students with the requisite knowledge in the field.

    If you would like to participate and benefit from ALMA ICL seminars, please write to the email below. Information about grouped seminars will be available depending on the number of participating teams, each year.

  3. ALMA is happy to facilitate and assist interested teams in any way. This includes contacts with potential coaches. ALMA is building a roster of coaches available for interested Law Faculties and Schools. If you would like to join the list or receive a list of interested and qualified coaches and their CVs, please write to the email below.

Team Composition

  1. Each team will be comprised of three (3) speakers. Additionally, during the preparations, the team may include two (2) Researchers and two (2) coaches: one leading coach and one assistant coach. 

  2. The maximum number of team representatives during the preparations for each team cannot exceed seven (7), and cannot exceed five (5) during the Hearings in The Hague, the Netherlands.

  3. The team may be comprised of fewer coaches or researchers (but not fewer speakers).

  4. Any changes in the team composition as it was at registration, must be submitted in writing before 28 February 2015. Any request for changes in team composition after this timeframe shall be rejected. However, the Organization reserves the right to allow team composition changes after this deadline in consideration of exceptional circumstances or in the interests or fairness of the Competition.

  5. Teams that qualified through the Preliminary Question Round are not allowed to change more than one team member for a new team member after their qualification. Teams must ensure that the team members that qualified, are also the actual team members participating in the Main Rounds. They are allowed, however, to cancel the participation of team members. In exceptional circumstances the Organization may accept more than one change of team member.

  6. The coach, or a team member appointed by the team, represents both the university as well as the team before the Organization
[Taken from the 2015 competition regulations]

Important Dates

  1. Registration begins on 22 Spetember 2014, 10:00 CET. 
  2. Registration deadline is on 24 October, 2014 at 11:00 CET
  3. The competition case is sent out to participants shortly after (October/November).
  4. Written Submissions of the Teams are usually due in January/February every year.
  5. The National Round will be held in March/April.
  6. The ICC Moot Court Competition will take place in April/May
Please note every year the schedule may differ and it is important to check for updates on ALMA competition website but also on the ICC Moot Court Competition Website.

Registration information

Please note that the registration fee for the international competition is €900.

If you are considering joining the Competition, registration forms will be available from 22 September and until 24 October, in accordance with the competition regulations

Before registratino please read the following files (also attached):

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information or assistance, at Adv. Yael Vias Gvirsman, Project Manager and Initiator: ICC.Competition@alma-ihl.org.

Rules and Regulations

Rules of Procedure for 2015 - Please read the rules of procedure carefully.

Every team is responsible for following the Rules and Regulations of the ICC Trial Competition. ALMA will not be held responsible for any violation of the Rules and Regulations by teams participating in the Israeli National Round or the international round.

Israeli Representatives in the International ICC Trial Competition

2012 - Hebrew University* - Efrat Bouganim, Dafna Dror, Adam Shahaf. Team Coach: Dr. Maria Varaki

2013 - Hebrew University* - Sharon Aviram, Eitan Kaplansky, Eitan smith, Yulia Kniazev (team researcher). Team Coach: Dr. Rotem Giladi. [Ranked 5th at the ICC Competition Finals at The Hague.]

2014 - Hebrew University* - Sharon Aviram, Yonatan Romm, Ofir Sharon and Ayana Yakobovitch. Team Coach Dr. Rotem Giladi. [Ranked 2nd at the ICC Competition Finals at the Hague.]

[*No national Round was held]



The National ICC Competition Project was initiated and is headed by Adv. Yael Vias Gvirsman

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