ALMA Newsletter - December 2017


Dear friends,

Welcome to our December newsletter. We are approaching to the end of 2017 and looking forward towards 2018. Towards the end of the year we are re-launching ALMA's Joint IHL Forum with our new partners from the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy. The opening session will be in the successful format of "Pizza & IHL" and will take place on December 20th. You are welcome to join us for Pizza or bring your own to our online streaming of the event.

Recently we have experienced the 11th National IHL competition for students. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the winning team from Tel-Aviv University composed of Ms. Efrat Fadida and Ms. Shani Rozenzweig, and the winner of the Uriel Masad Best Speaker Award - Ms. Achnoam Harel from the IDC.

We at ALMA wish you a happy holidays season and a very happy and interesting 2018.

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Best regards

Ido Rosenzweig

ALMA Chairman

11th National Competition on IHL- Results

Between October 23th and 26th the 11th National Competition for students was held by the ICRC and ALMA. Twelve teams from seven academic institutions participated in the competition (University of Haifa, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, College of Management, Tel-Aviv University, Bar Ilan University, Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) and Sapir College).

The winners of the 11th National IHL Competition: Efrat Fadida and Shani Rozenzweig from Tel Aviv University.

The finalist team (the runners up): Shaked Zeierman, Ziv Idan, and Adi Ganani from the IDC.

The Semifinalist teams: Achinoam Harel, Dafna Naamany and Issac Tyler from IDC and Lin Safadi, Shira Gur-Arieh and Yarden Rubinshtein from the Hebrew University

The winner of the Uriel Masad Best Speaker Award: Achinoam Harel from the IDC.

ALMA would like to congratulate all participating teams and thank the judges: Adv. David Tuck, Adv.Tinna Goletiani, Col.(Res.) Noam Neumann and Adv. Alon Margalit.

Events and Calls for Papers

1. Cyber Challenges to International Human Rights: this conference aims to bring together an international group of established and young scholars who are studying cybersecurity and its ramifications for civil liberties and human rights.

Keynote speakers: Prof. Gabriella Blum, Roger Dingledine, Prof. Michael N. Schmitt and Prof. Arun Chinmayi. The event will take place on 11-12 December, 2017. At The Hebrew University and University of Haifa.

2) ALMA and the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy (IDC) would like to invite you to a special session of the Joint International Humanitarian Law Forum. The session will be held on Wednesday, December 20, 2017, at 19:00, in room A320 (Rubin Seminar Room), Arison-Lauder Building, IDC Campus, Kanfei Nesharim St., Herzliya, Israel.

In this session, we will provide an overview of two conflicts ongoing today that are prominent in IHL academic and practical discourse, and follow with open conversation and discussion. Afterwards, the forum will hear about the new research ICRC project "IHL in Action" that gathers situations of IHL compliance in conflict. As part of the forum's informal atmosphere to encourage dialogue by the attendees, we will be providing pizza!

The speakers in this session:

Ms. Chirelle Chekroune, ALMA - IHL Competition Coordinator: An Overview of the Conflict in Syria

Ms. Tamar Sacerdoti, ALMA - Joint IHL Forum Coordinator: An Overview of the Conflict in Colombia

Adv. Yael Vias Gvirsman, ALMA & The International Criminal and Humanitarian Law Clinic, IDC: ICRC Project - "IHL in Action"

The meeting is free and open to the public, please register in advance through this link.

Please note: We plan to live stream the event and invite you to contribute to the discussion as online participants. For online participation please contact us via

3) Seventh Annual Junior Faculty Forum for International Law: Applications for the Seventh Annual Junior Faculty Forum for International Law are due on 15 December, 2017. The Forum will be convened by Anne Orford (Law – Melbourne), Dino Kritsiotis (Law – Nottingham) and J.H.H. Weiler (Law – NYU) and will be held at the University of Melbourne in May next year.

4) Call for Submissions / Nominations: The Francis Lieber Prize: The American Society of International Law’s Lieber Society on the Law of Armed Conflict awards the Francis Lieber Prize to the authors of publications that the judges consider to be outstanding in the field of law and armed conflict. Both monographs and articles (including chapters in books of essays) are eligible for consideration — the prize is awarded to the best submission in each of these two categories.Submissions, including a letter or message of nomination, must be received by 10 January, 2018.

IHL Articles & Media

1) Robert S. Taylor, Cyber, Sovereignty, and North Korea–And the Risk of Inaction (Justsecurity).

2) Maziar Homayounnejad, Assessing the Sense and Scope of ‘Autonomy’ in Emerging Military Weapon Systems (SSRN)

3) Jeffrey Biller, The Cyber “Shipwrecked” and the Second Geneva Convention (Opiniojuris)

4) Marco Roscini, Animals and the Law of Armed Conflict (SSRN)

5) Jonathan Hafetz, Towards a Quasi-Constitutional Law of Armed Conflict Detention (SSRN)

6) Frauke Renz, Private Military and Security Companies or Mercenaries? Bringing Law Back Into the Discussion (INTLAWGRRLS)

7) Mara Revkin, When Terrorists Govern: Why the Islamic State and Other State-Building Armed Groups Require a New Targeting Approach (SSRN)

8) Anthony Dworkin, Individual, Not Collective: Justifying the Resort to Force against Members of Non-State Armed Groups (European Council on Foreign Relations)

9) Thomas M. McDonnell, Rule of Law in the Age of the Drone: Requiring Transparency and Disqualifying Clandestine Actors — The CIA and the Joint Special Operations Command (SSRN)

10) Katja Lindskov Jacobsen, Humanitarian experimentation (Humanitarian Law & Policy)

11)Jeffrey Biller, Cyber POWS and the Second Geneva Convention (OpinioJuris)

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