Rome Statute Translation Project


General information

Head of Project: Adv. Ady Niv

Status: Translation underway.

The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) was created in 1998. The purpose of the Rome Statute is to establish an international criminal court that will bring to justice the perpetrators of the most heinous crimes known to the international community (war crimes, crimes against humanity, Genocide and potentially the crime of aggression), in order to ensure that such hideous crimes will not go unpunished.

Currently, 120 states are members to the Rome Statute convention. Israel, despite playing a significant role during the drafting of the Rome Statute has declared that it will not ratify it, and consequently Israel is not a member of the Rome Statute.

Considering the importance of the Rome statute and its undeniable contribution to international criminal law and international humanitarian law, and recognizing the document's educational value, ALMA decided to translate the Rome Statute into Hebrew.