IHL application

"What influences the way fighters behave on the battlefield?" (July 12, 2018).

The past 15 years have seen a surge in the number of armed conflicts. Yet, some armed groups or forces seem to be more violent than others. What is it that influences their behavior?

"IHL in action", International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), (October 2, 2017).

“IHL in action: Respect for the law on the battlefield” is a collection of real case-studies documenting compliance with international humanitarian law (IHL) in modern warfare.

"Translating IHL into military operations", Geneva (October 4, 2016)


Jamie Williamson, Head of Unit, Relations with Arms Carriers, ICRC.


Richard Jackson, Adjunct Professor of Law, Georgetown University, and Former Special Assistant to the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General for the Law of War Matters;

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