National IHL Competition for Students

Watch this short clip from the 2010 National Competition 

Click Here to view the complete simulation of the final event from the 2010 National Competition


 The National IHL Competition is a four-day event organized by the International Red Cross and Red Crescent delegation in Israel. During the competition, teams of three students from different Israeli academic institutions participate in several rounds of simulations that not only test their knowledge of international humanitarian law but also their ability to apply it to real-life situations (such as giving legal advice on the legitimacy of bombing a bridge which is used to transport weapons to enemy troops but is also essential to the delivery of essential food supplies to the civilian population).

The object and purpose of the event is to educate and familiarize students with the different aspects and delicate balances within IHL. The students are not only required to acquire a vast knowledge in international law and in particular in IHL, but they also to learn how to advocate such rules in accordance with their role in the simulations.

 The winning team will receive the IHL Competition Award and will automatically admitted and be granted sponsorship by the competition committee to the Pictet international IHL competition

It is noteworthy the in the last decade the Israeli national competition has produced the winning team of the international competition in 2010 and 2011 (the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya - IDC) and 2019 (Tel-Aviv University).


Throughout the years, many team representing Israeli academic institutions have participated in the competition (including Haifa University, Tel-Aviv University, Bar-Ilan University, Hebrew University, Sha'arei Mishpat College, Ramat-Gan College, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Ono Academic College, College of Management and Sapir College).


 Winning teams (in brackets are the runner ups):

2007 - Hebrew University I (College of Management I)

2008 - University of Haifa I (Hebrew University)

2009 - Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (Hebrew University)

2010 - Hebrew University (Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya)

2011 - Hebrew University II (Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya III)

2012 - Hebrew University I (Hebrew University II)

2013 - Hebrew University (Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya)

2014 - Hebrew University II (Hebrew University I)

2015 - Hebrew University I (Tel-Aviv University A, Hebrew University D)

2016 - Hebrew University II (Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya II)

2017 - Tel-Aviv University I (Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya I)

2018 - Tel-Aviv University I (Hebrew University of Jerusalem II)

2019 - Hebrew University A (Hebrew University B)

2020 - Hebrew University (Bar-Ilan University)

2021 - Reichman University (Hebrew University)

2022 - Tel-Aviv University D (Hebrew University F)

2023  (postponed to February 2024) - Bar-Ilan University B (Hebrew University E)


Urial Masad Best Speaker Award:

2007 - Ms. Tom Gal (Gat) (Hebrew University I)

2008 - Mr. Ido Rosenzweig (Tel-Aviv University)

2009 - Mr. Gal Sion (University of Haifa)

2010 - Ms. Efrat Bouganim (Hebrew University)

2011 - Mr. Joey Lightstone (Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya III)

2012 - Mr. Moshe Oster (Hebrew University I)

2013 - Ms. Rina Dorfman (University of Haifa)

2014 - Ms. Ilana Sherringthon (Hebrew Universirty II)

2015 - Ms. Yael Sasson (Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya - G)

2016 - Mr. Omri Shalev (Hebrew University I)

2017 - Ms. Achinoam Harel (Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya II)

2018 - Ms. Dina Wecker (Tel-Aviv University I)

2019 - Ms. Daria Chill (Bar Ilan University - F) 

2020 - Mr. Nathan Rothstein

2021 - Ms. Widad Elias

2022 - Ms. Naom Nadler 

2023  (postponed to February 2024) - Mr. Idan Ben Mocha

Best written performance: 

2020 - Einav Yosef, Noam Laufer, and Omer Apoteker

IHL Scavenger Hunt:

2014 - University of Haifa (II)



ALMA and the National IHL Competition

 Alma took upon itself, with the cooperation of the ICRC delegation in Israel, to assist the participating team during the preparation phase for the competition. ALMA's objective is to improve the knowledge of IHL among the studentsand to raise the level and proficiency of the national competition.


Some of ALMA's National IHL Competition Project activities include:

(1)   Assisting students and coaches during the preparation phase of the competition.

(2)   Organizing the ALMA summer course on various IHL related topics in preparation for the competition.

(3)   Give explanation on the conduct of the competition whenever requested.

(4)   Assisting in conducting friendly games prior to the competition between willing teams to allow for practical practice before the competition and to get to know the other teams.

(5)   Together with the ICRC, organizing the competition week.


ALMA's National IHL Competition Project is headed by Adv. Ido Rosenzweig and coordinated by Ms. Or Halperin. For more information email



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