IHL Summer Course - Reading for next meeting (6/9/2011) - Basic Principles of IHL

Post date: Aug 29, 2011 3:11:37 PM

Dear students,

The next and fourth meeting of the IHL summer course will be held next Tuesday, 6/09/2011. the subject that will be addressed is "Basic Principles of IHL" by Dr. Hilly Moodrick-Even Khen from Sha'arei Mishpat College. In order to prepare for this meeting it is highly recommended that you will read the following:

1. Legislation and basic IHL instruments

(a) Declaration Renouncing the Use, in Time of War, of Explosive Projectiles Under 400 Grammes Weight. Saint Petersburg, 29 November / 11 December 1868 [St. Petersburg Declaration], available at: www.icrc.org/ihl.nsf/INTRO/130?OpenDocument

(b) Hague Reg. (1907)- Art. 22, 23

(c) GC III- Art. 4

(d) API- Art. 50-58

(e) APII- Art. 13

2. Cases

(a) Cases appearing in the chapter on unlawful combatants at Sassòli and Bouvier, How does Law Protect in War

(b) HCJ 769/02 The Public Committee against Torture in Israel et al. v. Government of Israel et al

3. Reports

(a) Interpretive Guidance on the Notion of Direct Participation in Hostilities under International Humanitarian Law, ICRC publication, 2009, available at: http://www.icrc.org/eng/resources/documents/article/review/review-872-p991.htm

(b) Final Report to the Prosecutor by the Committee Established to Review the NATO Bombing Campaign Against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia available at: http://www.icty.org/x/file/About/OTP/otp_report_nato_bombing_en.pdf

4. Chapters in books

(a) Knut Ipsen, “Combatants and Non-Combatants”, in : FLECK, D. (2ed.), The Handbook of International Humanitarian Law, Oxford University Press, 2008, pp. 79-118.


(b) "The Principle of Distinction", in Henckaerts Jean-Marie and Doswald-Beck Louise, 1 Customary International Humanitarian Law (Cambridge University Press, 2005) pp. 3-67.

See you all on Tuesday