ALMA is an apolitical non-profit association established in March 2010 with the prime objective of promoting knowledge of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) in Israeli society. We believe that knowledge of IHL should be accessible to the general public, and the promotion of IHL will encourage fruitful discussions on its impact and application within the Israeli society.

The members of ALMA are among the most promising young scholars and professionals in Israel. ALMA members include researchers at leading think tanks, legal advisers to governmental ministries, current and past counselors to international tribunals and PhD candidates in leading academic institutions. All members of the association are involved and contribute to ALMA's activities on a volunteer-only basis.

ALMA strongly belives in cooperations with leading academic institutions and professional circles in Israel and abroad, and has already established such cooperations.

Main Projects

Student Competition in IHL - ALMA cooperates with the local delegation of the ICRC in the organization of the annual national competition.

The Book Launch Series - In its monthly session, the book launch series hosts scholars and practitioners of IHL to discuss their recent publications.

ICC Statute Translation - ALMA has translated the Rome Statute into Hebrew as it recognizes the importance of the convention to IHL in general and to Israel in particular. The translation (available here) was conducted by students under the guidance and supervision of Adv. Ady Niv.

Online IHL Dictionary - In order to facilitate better access to basic IHL terms, ALMA is establishing an Online IHL dictionary in Hebrew. The relevant research is being conducted by students under the guidance of ALMA members.

Conferences and Workshops - ALMA members are being invited to give professional and educational lectures and to run theoretical and practical workshops where simulated application is being conducted.

Promoting Legal and Academic writing - ALMA´s website serves as a basis for academic and professional writing. This writing includes Articles and Op-Eds written by scholars, students and practitioners and Informative Articles in which ALMA explains current events through an IHL prism.

Main Future Goals

IHL Library – Establishing a leading IHL library to serve as a research and educational centre.

IHL Workshops – Establishing IHL workshops in which local and international scholars, practitioners, journalists, diplomats and politicians would come to learn IHL while enjoying ALMA's unique expertise of combining theoretical and (Israeli) practical knowledge and experience.

IHL for Students – Teaching basic IHL courses to high-school students.

Student Support - Funding Israeli students taking part in ALMA's projects and students wishing to join an internship in international organizations and tribunals related to the field of IHL (i.e. ICRC, ICC, ICTR, ICTY).