Lectures & Workshops


ALMA - Association for the Promotion of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) believes in the importance of promoting the knowledge and understanding of IHL. We at ALMA, believe that IHL is not just a theoretic set of rules, but rather a set of practical and moral standards aimed to set and guide those who are involved in armed conflicts and those who are protected throughout the armed conflicts.

In order to implement our vision we have developed two methods of teaching and simulating both theory and practice of IHL and related issues:

1. IHL Lectures

2. IHL Workshops

For further information, and to order a lecture or a workshop, please contact Adv. Ido Rosenzweig

IHL Lectures:

We provide a large and diverse selection of IHL lectures, starting with basic introduction lectures for people with or without any legal knowledge, and up to lectures that focus on a specific topic, region or development in the context of IHL and related fields.

Our lecturers are very skilled and knowledgeable on the different aspects of both theory and practical analysis of IHL.

IHL Workshop:

In our one-day workshop we provide the participants with a chance to face "real life challenges" of international humanitarian law and related issues throughout an invented conflict.

The workshop begins with giving the participants the background information of the relevant area. They are then divided into small groups of about ten with a facilitator.

Each group receives a part of the conflict that focuses on a certain legal and practical dilemma (for example - self defence, belligerent occupation, military targets etc). All the groups are required to identify the main issue at question (with the help and guidance of the facilitator) and then either provide a decisive answer or understand why they failed to provide such an answer.

At the end of the workshop, all groups convene and representatives from each group present their part of the conflict and explain what was the main issue and what was the solution they reached (or why they did not manage to find a solution). Therefore, all the participants learn how the conflict has advanced and moreover learn what were the issues the other teams had dealt with and of course what solutions they reached and why (or why they did not reach an agreed solution which is just as important). The presentation of the different scenarios is followed by a concluding discussion about the workshop experience.

From our experience, the workshop provides the participants with a unique opportunity to get a better understanding of the theories and more importantly, to understand the practical difficulties of the implementation of such theories into actual scenarios and situations. We've received very enthusiastic responses and feedback from students who have participated in this workshop.

Tailored Workshops

We are able to tailor our workshops to your needs, according to the size of the group, their knowledge, time constraints and any other adjustment. We have conducted such lectures and workshops in Israel and abroad to a wide range of people, please don't hesitate to contact us for further details!


"Despite studying International Relations, I had little knowledge of international law prior to my experience with ALMA. Ido's workshop, however, offered me the perfect introduction to this topic. I was able to fully grasp the complexities within the study of international law, surround myself by ambitious critical thinkers, as well as understand the difficult decisions that 21st century statesmen have to make. I would highly recommend this course."

Ben Carroll, 21, Third year student of International Relations, university of St. Andrews, Scotland.

"In order to succeed in combating the de-legitimization of the State of Israel, and engage the international community effectively on such delicate issues its critical that we know and understand the facts and terminology. ALMA does just that. Their workshop and simulation allow for us to think out of the box, grasp the true complexity of the issues discussed, and then address them correctly."

Chaya Esther Pomeranz, President, The Israeli Model UN Association.

"As a non-law or international relations major, this course provided a solid foundation for not only a deeper understanding of the complex concepts pertaining to international law, but of the multiple problematic dimensions that one has to confront when addressing world conflicts. In an era where the treatment of human rights issues is more important than ever, where our global community is exhibiting more precarious, biased and unsubstantiated opinions and perceptions on a daily basis, the workshops run by ALMA allow one to face the real-life realities of international law and conflicts. This in turn aids participants in developing a more profound and critical understanding of delicate matters that they would not have necessarily addressed before. I highly recommend this organization."

Aviva Liora Moses, 25, double masters student in Spanish in intercultural environments, University of Stockholm, Sweden.

"This was the first time EUJS (European Union of Jewish Students) cooperated with ALMA, but I hope there will be many more occasions where European Jewish students will attend ALMA workshops. The ALMA workshop gave a very comprehensive but also fun training on IHL. Even students who have not studied law understood and enjoyed the training and quickly grasped the case studies - thanks to the experienced facilitators.

I can highly recommend everyone to participate in the ALMA workshops, especially those who want to realize how complex decisions are taken in war and how no situation is black and white even if a certain law is implied."

Andi Gergely, Chairperson, European Union of Jewish Students.

"ALMA provides a wonderful addition to the study and understanding of international law in Israel and beyond. As a participant in lectures conducted by ALMA’s Chairman, Adv. Ido Rosenzweig, I can say they stretch the participants’ analytical thinking skills and allows learning skills one will actually apply in future. ALMA’s lectures and seminars are conducted in a laid back environment which allow the listener to openly ask questions, learn, and receive advice. Attending an ALMA seminar is fun, challenging and dynamic, and organised to the highest standard. For these reasons and so many more, I warmly recommend them"

Adv. Jasmine Mann, PhD Candidate of Public International Law at Freie Universitat Berlin, Germany.

""Workshops prepared by ALMA, in the framework of Student Conference on International law organised by StandWithUs in August 2013 in Jerusalem, brought home to me the complexity of modern armed conflicts and especially practical dilemmas concerning international humanitarian law. I had a chance to work on a scenario revealing typical issues raised by the modern type of occupation which prolonged character challenges traditional conception of governing law. This experience enabled me to better apprehend the ongoing discussions and work of international bodies elaborating on prospective reform of legal regime crucial in this part of the world.""

Kaja Kowalczewska, PhD. Candidate in International Law the Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland.