Newsletter - March 2015

Dear friends, עברית

Welcome to our March 2015 edition of our newsletter. In this issue we provide you with information and updates on the most recent developments, writing and upcoming events in the field of international humanitarian law (IHL).

We would like to wish good luck to the participanting teams of the 27th edition of the Jean-Pictet competition on IHL (March 28) and especially to the Israeli team of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and also to the participating teams of the American Red Cross 2nd Clara Barton competition on IHL (March 14).

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Ido Rosenzweig

ALMA Chairman.

Upcoming Local IHL Events

1) The next session of the Joint International Humanitarian Law Forum will be held on Wednesday, March 25 2015, 18:30 in room C110 (Arazi-Ofer Building, 2nd floor) at the IDC. Speakers will soon be announced.

2) The ICRC and the Association for Civil Rights in Israel invite you to register for the International training for jurists: international humanitarian law and Israel.

3) The International Law Forum of the Hebrew University will be held on Tuesday March 18, 2015, 14:30 in room 119, the Faculty of Law in Jerusalem.

In the forum, Prof. Oren Gross (University of Minnesota) will discuss the The New Way of War: Is There a Duty to Use Drones?

New IHL Articles & Media

1) Sean Aughey & Aurel Sari, IHL Does Authorise Detention in NIAC: What the Sceptics Get Wrong. (EJIL: Talk!)

2) Rogier Bartels, IHL Does Not Authorise Detention in NIAC: A Reply to Sean Aughey and Aurel Sari. (EJIL: Talk!)

3) Erika de Wet & Jann Kleffner Convergence and Conflicts of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law in Military Operations. (Pretoria University Law Press)

4) Ryan, Fairchild, When Can a Hacker Start a War? (Pacific Standard)

5) Sergei Yurievich & Marochkin Vladimir Popov, International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law in Russian Courts. (SSRN)

6) Colonel Richard Kemp, Submission to the United Nations Independent Commissiom of Inquiry on the 2014 Gaza Conflict.

7) Rebecca Crootof, War, Responsibility, and Killer Robots. (SSRN)

8) Rebecca Crootof, The Varied Law of Autonomous Weapon Systems. (SSRN)

ALMA_IHL Selected Tweets

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