Newsletter May 2014


Dear friends,

In our May 2014 Newsletter we continue to provide information about our activies, upcoming events and developments in the IHL world.

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Ido Rosenzweig,

ALMA Chairman.

Upcoming ALMA Events

1. The next session of the Joint IHL Forum will deal with The Palestinian Accession to IHL treaties and will take place on Wednesday, May 28, 18:30 at the Interdisciplinary Center (Herzliya). More information will be provided soon, please visit our website and subscribe to our mailing list for further datails.

2. The Countdown to the 8th National IHL competition taking place November 17-20 has officially begun! Application Form and Regulations have been uploaded to the ALMA's competition website.

More locel events:

3. The Fried-Gal Colloquium Transitional Justice in the Context of Israel-Palestine. May 8-20, 2014, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

4. Judge Theodor Meron "The Legacy of Ad Hoc Criminal Tribunals and the New MICT Model", Monday, May 12, 2014, 16:30 at Beit Maiersdorf, Hall 502, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

5. Professor James R. Crawford (Cambridge) "Globalization of International Law" , Monday, May 19, 2014, 18:00 at Malka Brender Hall of Justice (Kes Hamishpat) The Buchmann Faculty of Law

Tel Aviv University

6. SCIL Jerusalem - the application for StandWithUs' "Student Conference on International Law" in Jerusalem (August 11-14, 2014) is now open. Apart from the interesting lectures, on the last day the participants will take part in an ALMA's IHL workshop.

ALMA Members in the Media & Academy

1. Antonio Coco and ALMA's Tom Gal: Losing Direction: The ICTY Appeals Chamber’s Controversial Approach to Aiding and Abetting in Perišić (English)

2. Sigall Horovitz: 20 Years to The Massacre in Rwanda (Hebrew- The Interview begins at Min 32:30)

More Articels:

3.Kimberley Natasha Trapp: Can Non-State Actors Mount an Armed Attack? (English)

@ALMA_IHL ALMA's twitter updates

(1) Try out @RedCross's new Interactive Simulation Video on #IHL "Even Wars Have Limits" #proportionality #childsoldiers

(2) Palestine, Vatican & Accession to Intl Treaties: Some Ancillary Thoughts @NiAolainF to Nimrod Karin @IsraelinUN #IHL

Upcoming IHL Events from Around the World

(1) May 15, 2014, 7th Annual National Security Law Workshop, Charlottesville, VA, United States of America.

(2) May 19, 2014, The International Criminal Court (ICC) Moot Court Competition, The Hague, Netherlands

(3) May 19, 2014, Special Course on Engaging Armed Groups in the Protection of Civilians, Bangkok, Thailand

For many more events from all over the world, please visit our upcoming IHL event - worldwide page on our website. To add you event to our database please send an email to