Newsletter - October 2016


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Welcome to our October issue of the ALMA Newsletter. After a short break, ALMA's IHL Newsletter returns with the most recent news, updates and developments on International Humanitarian Law.

As the atrocities in Syria and Iraq continue, the application of IHL norms to current warfare is being questioned. In this newsletter we provide a glimpse into the most recent online discussions on the events in Mosul and Aleppo.

I would also like to take this opportunity to mention the 10th National Competition on IHL for students in Israel that was held recently, and thank our partners in this endeavor from the ICRC delegation in Israel and the occupied territories for their continuous support of the competition. In this newsletter you can find information about the results of the competition, as well as updates on new publications, and upcoming events.

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Ido Rosenzweig

ALMA Chairman.

10th National Competition on IHL

Between September 26 and 29, the 10th Israel National Competition on IHL for students was held by the ICRC and ALMA. Nine teams from five academic institutions participated in the competition.

The winning team of the 10th National IHL Competition is from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Ms. Naomi Calvo Lax, Mr. Or Malki and Mr. Amit Haim.

Congratulations to the runner ups from IDC Herzliya: Ms. Sapir Blau, Mr. Pini Wietchner and Mr. Simon Freedman.

The winner of the Uriel Masad Best Speaker Award: Mr. Omri Shalev from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

ALMA would like to congratulate all participating teams and thank the competition judges: Prof. Antoine A. Bouvier, Prof. Gary D. Solis, Dr. Hilly Moodrick-Even Khen, and Adv. Tom Gal.

Call for Papers

1) ​Call for Papers: Post-Conflict Justice in Ukraine:The conference will be held in May 26-27, 2017 in Kyiv. Abstracts of proposed papers should be submitted by 15 December 2016.

2) Call for Papers: The 4th Annual Conference of the International Network on Transnational Legal and Political Theory, The conference will be held in May 7-8, 2017 at Bar-Ilan University Law Faculty, Israel. Abstracts of proposed papers should be submitted by 15 November 2016.

IHL Articles & Media

1) Emanuela Chiara-Gillard, and Dapo Akande, Oxford Guidance on the Law Relating to Humanitarian Relief Operations in Situations of Armed Conflict (OCHA)

2) Michael J. Adams and Ryan Goodman, De Facto and De Jure Non-international Armed Conflicts: Is It Time to Topple Tadić? (Just Security)

3) Adil Ahmad Haque, Triggers and Thresholds of Non-International Armed Conflict (Just Security)

4) Deborah Pearlstein, The NIAC Threshold (Opinio Juris)

5) Adil Ahmad Haque, Between the Law of Force and the Law of Armed Conflict (Just Security)

6) Ryan Goodman, Is the United States Already in an “International Armed Conflict” with Syria? (Just Security)

7) Gabor Rona, Letter to the Editor: Not So Fast on Calling it an “Armed Conflict” Between the US and Syria (Just Security)

8) Deborah Pearlstei, A Syrian IAC? (Opinio Juris)

9) Steven J. Barela and Avery Plaw, Are Drones Less Accurate than Piloted Aircraft? (Just Security)

10) Eliav Lieblich, What Law Applies to the Resort to Force Against Non-State Actors? Filling the Void of “Internal Jus Ad Bellum” (Just Security)

11) Dapo Akande, When Does the Use of Force Against a Non-State Armed Group trigger an International Armed Conflict and Why does this Matter? (EJIL:Talk!)

12) Ryan Goodman, International Armed Conflict in Syria and the (Lack of) Official Immunity for War Crimes (Just Security)

13) Neve Gordon and Nicola Perugini, Military Attacks on “Hospitals Shields”: The Law Itself is Partly to Blame (Just Security)

@ALMA_IHL Selected Tweets

1) Does the #ICRC enjoys testimonial privilege before Canadian courts? #Immunity #IHL #NGO

2) #CFP "19th International Conference on #IHRL and #IHL", Australia. Apr. 3-4, 2017 Deadline Oct. 31, 2016 .@wasetorg

3) A Role for the #SecurityCouncil on Defensive Force? .@MonicaHakimi and .@IntLawReporter .@ejiltalk #IHL #NIAC

4) #IHLarticle: Urban violence and the #ICRC 's humanitarian response #IHL @ICRC

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Upcoming IHL Worldwide Events

1ׁׁ) November 6-8, 2016, Core Professional Training on Humanitarian Law and Policy (Dubai, UAE)

2) November 8, 2016, Expert Briefing: Hostile intent and civilian protection – Lessons from recent conflicts (Web-Based).

3) November 8, 2016, The Obligation to Respect and Ensure Respect of International Humanitarian Law in Contemporary Conflicts (Melbourne, Australia)

4) November 10-12, 2016, 9th Yerevan International Conference for Young Researchers on International Humanitarian Law (Yerevan, Armenia)

5) November 14, 2016, Training on the Rights of Peasants (Geneva, Switzerland)

6) November 15, 2016, The Legal Dilemma of Detention in Non-International Armed Conflicts (Web-Based)

7) November 15, 2016, Expert Seminar - Using New Technologies to Enhance Protection During Armed Conflict (Geneva, Switzerland)

8) November 24-26, 2016, State Socialism, Legal Experts and the Genesis of International Criminal and Humanitarian Law after 1945 (Berlin, Germany)

9) November 28-29, 2016, Annual Minerva-ICRC International Conference on Contemporary Challenges in IHL (Jerusalem, Israel)

10) November 28-30, 2016, Core Professional Training on Humanitarian Law and Policy (Bangkok, Thailand)

11) November 29, 2016, Solferino or Paris? (Nottingham, UK)

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