International IHL Competitions

This Page intends to provide information about available international IHL Competitions. We are always happy add more relevant competitions to the list. If you would like to inform us please contact:

Jean-Pictet Competition

The Jean PIctet IHL competition is probably the most prestigious international competition on IHL. The competition has been held annualy since 1989. The competition is of a full week long, during which teams of three students from different academic institutions around the world participate in several rounds of simulations that not only test their knowledge of international humanitarian law but also their ability to apply it to real-life situations.

Israeli Teams in Pictet:

2008 - (1) Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Hebrew University team qualified to the Semi Finals.

2009 - (1) Haifa University and (2) Hebrew University. Hebrew University team qualified to the Semi Finals.

2010 - (1) Interdisciplinary Center Herzeliya (IDC). IDC team won the 2010 competition.

2011 - (1) Hebrew University and (2) IDC. IDC team won the 2011 competition.

2012 - (1) Hebrew University and (2) IDC. Both teams qualified to the Semi Finals.

For more information see the competition website

Youth for Peace

Youth for Peace is an annual contest for law students from different countries that has been held since 2006. The participants are expected to demonstrate good knowledge of international humanitarian law, international public law, human rights law and ability to adapt to and orient in the changing environment. The competition is is founded by the International Institute of Labour and Social Relations and organized by the Department of International Affairs of the IILSR. On 2013 the competition is going to take place in Minsk, Belarus, on May 21-25.

The competing teams are of groups of three students from academic institutions around the world.

The competition includes four rounds:

1. Preliminary round (application) - each team must submit a short essay (maximun 350 words) on a given topic. The ealuation of this essay will serve as a basis for selecting team to participate in the competition itself.

2. Welcome Speech - The aim of the speech of welcome is to present the team, university and country. It should be of maximum 10 minutes and should be prepared in advance. If the time limit for the speech is exceeded, the team will be given a point deduction. The main evaluation criteria for the welcoming speech are: an original approach (creativity) and involvement of the team members (teamwork). Additional points can be gained by the team by depicting its national character in the welcoming speech. Teams that fail to present their speeches of welcome do not receive any points.

2. Poster Contest - Posters should be prepared by the teams prior to the Competition. Each team should present two posters (each poster can earn up to 3 points). Poster size should be of maximum 841x594 mm. Each poster should be supplemented by a short summary (typed, size A4, Times New Roman 14 pt, single spaced). The team should present its posters to the organizing committee upon its arrival. Teams which fail to present their posters do not receive any points.

4. The Main Competition - Theoretical and Practical Rounds are the main stages of the Competition. During these two rounds the teams should give their interpretation from the perspective of international humanitarian law.

For more information see the competition's website

IHL Student Writing Competition of WCL and ASIL

The writing competition, organized by the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at American University Washington College of Law and the American Society of International Law's Lieber Society, is a new competition for law students (J.D, LL.M or their equivalents). The students are requiered to submit a short essay (maximum of 25 pages) on an IHL related issue. Submissions must be unpublished papers written solely by the candidate in English.

The two winning authors will be invited to present their papers at an expert conferece at American University Washington College of Law in Washington DC, with travel and accomodation expenses covered and wll have their submissions published.

2013 edition - the deadline for submitting the papers is January 31, 2013.

For more information see the competition website

The ICLN International Criminal Court (ICC) Trial Competition

The International Criminal Court, as the first permanent institution set up to try alleged perpetrators of the most horrific crimes against humanity, has drawn much interest amongst lawyers and non-lawyers alike. The ICC Trial Competition is a unique Moot Court competition in its direct focus on ICC proceedings and international criminal law.

During the competition students compete in the role of the Prosecutor, Defence and alternatively, Victims Representatives or States. The students’ performances during the competition are assessed by experts in the field of international criminal law, including academics, judges and other practitioners from the ICC, ICTY, ICTR, ECCC and SCSL.

Important Dates (2013):

1. Registration for the ICLN ICC Trial Competition will open on October 1st 2012 at 9am CET and will close on 19 October 2012 at 1pm CET.

2. The Rules and Regulations will be published online on 10 September 2012.

3. The Case will be send to the participating teams on 5 November 2012 (but only if ICLN received the registration fee or a proof of payment!)

4. The 2013 competition will be held 21-26 April, 2013, in the Hague (Netherlands).

For more information see the competition website here