Invitation – 2019 Model International Criminal Court (MICC) University

Post date: Nov 28, 2018 11:06:03 AM

Dear Sir or Madam,

We would like to kindly invite a group of students from Israel to the Model International Criminal Court (MICC). MICC is a simulation of the International Criminal Court for university students from all over the world. At MICC we give students the opportunity to experience the ICC process and get irreplaceable knowledge about International Law from some of the most relevant experts and most experienced trainers in the field.

The next edition of MICC will take place from 1st to 6th April, 2019 in the Conference Centre in Krzyżowa, Poland, an important historical site. During World War II it served as the meeting place of the Kreisau Circle, a group known for its resistance against the Nazi regime. Nowadays it is the place of educational work aimed at building bridges between the past and the present, between different parts of the world, and promotion of dialogue between generations.

Your delegation: Your delegation should consist of three law students or graduate students of adjacent disciplines and one student with a background in journalism for the press team.

The Simulation: Altogether 50 students will be invited to the project. The participants are assigned into groups with students from other universities and nationalities in order to foster intercultural dialogue among them. The case, on which the simulation will be based, will be a fictional case examining current challenges of international law. All the necessary relating documents will be submitted to the participants after their admission along with their team partners contact details. The teams will be assigned case issues and roles (judges, defence, and prosecution) and be asked to prepare and submit preliminary papers with their pleadings/judgments. Each team member will have a total of about 15 minutes to argue their case. The members of the press team will have the task to report on the development of the trials.

The Training: During the training the students get the chance to prepare for their pleadings and train for their presentations with professional trainers that will help them perfect their delivery in the simulation. The training will include legal reasoning, writing and preparation of the final pleadings as well as hints and exercises in the field of rhetoric and presentation. The members of the press team also work with a professional trainer and learn how to report on criminal proceedings. They will write articles for a newspaper that will be produced in Krzyżowa and, if circumstances allow it, prepare film material.

Extra Activities: MICC is more than just a moot court. We will offer side activities so all participants get the chance to get to know Krzyżowa and the estate’s history as well as each other a little better. In addition, during the projects professionals from the field of international criminal law, human rights and humanitarian law will be invited to discuss current issues and give insight into their experiences and workday routine.

Application: MICC is open to all university students with a background either in law and adjacent disciplines or journalism. Your university can send up to four students to the event. We also suggest that the group’s preparation is to be coordinated by a professor or teaching assistant. Registration is open now on The final selection of participating teams will be made on the basis of the CVs and letters of motivation submitted.

Application deadline is January 20th 2019.

Participation Fees and Travel Assistance: The participation fee per for students from Israel is 120.00 EUR. Kreisau-Initiative is able to contribute to the travel costs up to an amount of 250.00 EUR/person. Please note that it is possible to travel to Berlin (Germany) or Wroclaw (Poland) prior to the MICC. There will be a shuttle bus to Krzyżowa departing from Berlin and Wroclaw on April 1st and returning on 6th.

Contact Details: If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Kerim Somun, MICC coordinator at For further information, please check

Kind regards,

Kerim Somun

Project Manager of MICC

*This event is not organized by ALMA. The information here is provided as part of our collaboration with the MICC and every question or comment should be directed to the MISS as the sole organizers.